Saturday, June 9, 2007

10 Quality Characteristic Person Which The People Like it


Integrity occupy first rank as characteristic that everybody like it. Integrity make Others feel safe and esteemed because because they sure that will not be cheated or be dumped. Integrity person always says the truth, not big talking, not pretend, searching for the reason, or turn around the fact. Of course that will be more ideal if mixed integrity with other good things, with that, integrity will not became something that will disadvantage to him/her self.


Humility is different than lower him/her self that representative of weakness. Humility representative the power. Only the person that have a good soul that can be humility. He/She like a rice plant progressively contain progressively bow. The humility person can confessing and esteeming excellence of others. He can make the people that above him/her feels proud and make the people under him/her will not feel inferior.


Loyalty has became a rare thing that very expensive. The loyalty person is always can be believed and rely on. He/She always coinciding promise, have strong commitment, volunteer to sacrifice and do not like to betray.

Positive Thinking

The person that positive thinking is always to see everything with positively, even in a bad situation. Positive thinking person is prefer to talking about kindliness than badness, prefer to talking about expectation than submit to fate, prefer to looking for solution than frustration, prefer to praise than carping, etc.


Because not every one was give with cheerful temperament, so cheerful can be description as face or body, but from the heart. The cheerful person is the person that can enjoy his/her life, do not like complaining and always tried to get happiness. He/She can laugh from situation, other people, and from him/her self. He/She have potentials to amuse and motivated the others.


The responsible person will do his/her obligation seriously. If make a mistake he/she dare to confess. If he/she fail, he/she will not searching people to be blame. even if he/she disappointed or hurt feeling, he/she will not blame the others. He/she aware that him/her self that responsible from everything that he/she get and feel.

Self Confidence

Confidence make people to accepting him/her self as it is. Esteeming him/her self and the others. The person that confidence easy to adaptation with new area and new situation. He/She know what he/she must do and will do it with goodly.

Highness Soul

This can be seen from someone that forgive the others. The highness soul will not let him/her self to be taken over by hate and hostility. When face the hard situation he/she will keep rigid, and will not let him/her drift in sorrow.

Easy Going

The people that easy going feel that this life is easy. He did not like to make the simple problems into big. Even tried to make the big problems into small. He/she do not like to levering up the past and will not worry the future. He/she will not dizzy and stressing from the problem that out oh his/her control.


Empathy is a amazing characteristic. The empathy people is not a good hearing only but can set his/her position to the other people position. When there is a conflict he/she will looking for the best solution to all side. And do not like to push his/her opinion to others. He/she always tried to understanding the others.



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